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One gets a Private Money Loan – also known as Hard Money – for a few main reasons:

  • Credit is not good enough for a conventional loan.
  • Need cash quickly.
  • The house being bought or refinanced does not qualify for an FHA or other conventional financing due to poor property condition.
  • A Jumbo Loan is needed in a quicker time frame.

Here at Sun Pacific Mortgage, we are aware that you or a client may have been turned down elsewhere for a home loan or are having difficulty qualifying for a mortgage somewhere in San Francisco or surrounding counties.   There may be an issue with the property condition or difficult to prove income or poor credit, etc.  We still can help!

With over 3 decades in business here in Sonoma County, we have done hundreds of hard money loans for San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Sonoma County and really extending all the way to San Diego and Los Angeles.  Our specialty is speed, with average time to close/funding just 16 days (with our fastest loan financed in less than 48 hours!).

We work directly with the Borrower and the equity, not the credit score! We lend based on existing equity in one’s property or work with a good down payment when buying real estate.


San Francisco is known as the cultural, commercial and financial center of Northern California.  The smallest county in the state, located at the northern of the San Francisco Peninsula, it is by far one of the largest with life – both the variety of people and variety of real estate!

With SFO being the fourth-most populous city in California, after Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose, its real estate is highly valued – by home owners and investors alike.

To partake in the beautiful architecture and the bustle of life in this city, one might find Hard Money financing beneficial when looking to refinance or purchase real estate in this city.  It doesn’t have the extra regulations and time constraints that traditional financing has; Hard Money comes from private investors and therefore we can get this type of loan done faster, many done in less than one week!

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