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San Francisco Peninsula Real Estate Market for November 2020

Jan 22, 2021  , , , ,

There was no problem finding buyers in November for single family homes.  Listings only stayed on the market from 12-38 days.  Below is sales data for several Peninsula cities:

  • Menlo Park:  Average days on Market-38; Average sales price-$2,896,954(a decrease of $206,375 from October) Price received-1% above asking
  • Foster City:  Average days on Market-30; Average sales price-$2,066,000(an increase of $86,077 over October) Price received-3% above asking
  • Belmont:  Average days on Market-12; Average sales price-$1,955,001(an increase of $2,918 over October) Price received-4% above asking
  • San Carlos:  Average days on Market-14; Average sales price-$2,280,739(an increase of $242,613 over October) Price received-3% above asking
  • San Mateo:  Average days on Market-25; Average sales price-$1,867,405(an increase of $2,236 over October) Price received-3% above asking
  • Burlingame:  Average days on Market-12; Average sales price-$2,568,209(a decrease of $304,266) Price received-3% above asking

Looking at this data, it appears that the housing market on the Peninsula is stable and prices continue to increase.  Economists persist in their predictions that the real estate sector will be one of the more secure investments for now and in the future.

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