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San Francisco Real Estate Statistics for November 2020

Jan 15, 2021  , , , ,

In November, we continued to see pricing remain steady amid a robust housing market in The City.  Looking at all properties for sale as of December 6th, we find:

  • For sale:  1644 (24% drop since November, but 140% increase from November 2019)
  • Sold:  609 (612 in October; 22% increase over November 2019)
  • Average sales price for SFR:  $2,118,659 (an increase of $183,659 over October 2020)
  • Average selling price per SQFT:  $1,003.60
  • Average days on market:  32
  • Inventory of Condos:  1039 (389 on Dec. 13,2019)
  • Total inventory:  less than 3 months’ worth

Looking at Single Family Residences for November:

  • Inventory of SFR as of December 6th:  326 (154 on Dec.13, 2019)
  • Sold:  249 (69 below asking; 21 at asking; 159 above asking price)

It becomes clear looking at these statistics that there was an uptick in homes for sale compared to last year.  This fact is most probably a result of work-at-home options that have caused a migration to less crowded, more spacious outdoor living areas such as the North Bay.  Nevertheless, pricing has not seen a decrease month over month.

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