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The ABCs of the Tiny House

Mar 19, 2020  , ,

Exactly what is the definition of a “tiny house”?  According to the International Code Council (ICC): “A dwelling that is 400 square feet or less in floor area excluding lofts.”  

What advantages does this definition give the everyday user?  Several, among them include the following:

  1. When dealing with your municipality’s Building and Planning Department, it will make it easier to issue permits and finalize the Certificate of Occupancy. 
  2. Having a legal definition smooths the process for working with insurance companies. 
  3. It distinguishes it from a manufactured home and a mobile home.
  4. This nomenclature demonstrates legitimacy to code agencies, escrow companies, and financial institutions.  This classifies the small house concept as marketable, financeable, and deedable-issues absolutely necessary in real estate.

What sparked the “tiny house” movement?  Like the pioneers of old, it became a way for people to achieve a new vision of independence and self-reliance after the real estate debacle of the mid-2000s.  People of all ages lost security, investments, pensions, and retirement incomes in the market crash and were seeking a way to have something of their own for a pittance.  They were looking for a dream without decades-long financial agreements and entanglements.

What is the future of the “tiny house” movement?  The development and design industry for these unique living experiences continues to expand.  Every day we see more architects, construction companies, financiers, and insurers entering this new market.  Whatever you call this type of living experience (and there are many creative monikers attached to them), it is wise to give this movement the same level of credibility as other industry newcomers in the past.

For those in cities with ever-populating areas such as San Francisco, Brisbane, Mountain View and pretty much every other city in both Santa Clara County and San Mateo County, this could be a great solution. If you plan to live minimally or wish to put one of these “tiny houses” on your existing property for additional income, you may need the assistance of an expert, and this is where Sun Pacific Mortgage could be of assistance.  If you discover the need to borrow on the equity of your present home, but do not qualify for a conventional loan, an alternative financing program known as Hard Money could be quite beneficial. 

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